Axis Injury Management understands the negative impact an injury can have on injured worker and their families. These negative effects are often times both physical and psychological and impact both the injured individual and their families. In addition to managing the injury itself, individuals and families need to navigate the workers compensation system which can be stressful and challenging in itself. The physical and psychological effects of injury and illness on an individual can be enormous, while the financial and social implications on their families can be very damaging too. 

Our aim is to help injured employees engage in the best treatment to achieve resolution of adverse health effects and then move on with their lives as quickly as possible. 

How do we achieve this?

  • Engagement with medical practitioners to ensure coordinated and seamless approach to treatment and injury management;
  • Facilitate Return to Work with employer;
  • Maintain communication with Insurer. 

We are committed to communicating with injured employees in a clear and transparent way while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of their personal and medical information. 

Our consulting team is the most experienced in the industry. We offer extensive expertise from professionally qualified staff including: 

  • Occupational Therapists; 
  • Psychologists; 
  • Physiotherapists; 
  • Rehabilitation Counsellors;
  • Job Placement Consultant. 

Choosing your Provider

Workers Compensation Legislation allows workers to choose their own rehabilitation provider. If you wish to discuss choosing Axis as your provider call us on (02) 4927 0577 or talk to your doctor.

You may also want to review the below information from WorkCover NSW and Comcare:

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